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February 2018 birthdays

by The Royes Family International

According to

February Birth Flower: Violet or Primrose.

February Birth Stone: Amethyst, Bloodstone, Onyx, Moonstone.

February Birth Zodiac Signs: Aquarius (Feb 1-18) and Pisces (Feb 19-29)

Compatible Birth Months: April, May, June, October and December.

Personality traits of February born people:
February born people are primarily quiet, timid and modest. They are superstitious people, who are quite loyal and honest by nature. They love their freedom and tend to rebel out when restricted. These people are usually determined, stubborn and moody. February people are generally sensitive and get easily upset over minor arguments. They often find it difficult to control their emotions, especially anger. They are generally, very poor savers of money.

Here are the Royes family members who have birthdays in February:

3 – Joy Traille

6 – Nia Traille

7 – Anastasia Royes Evans

9 – Camille Royes-Burke, Hortensia Royes, Brandon Forrest, Amelia Royes Evans, Ashley Garwood

10 – Clifford ‘Wesley’ Royes

11 -Korii Sewell, Karl Royes, Sara Royes-Gaynor

13 – Frank Royes

14 – Shae Royes

16 – Leah Royes

17 – Dexter Royes, Rogelio ‘Tipi’ Royes

18 – Morine Comrie-McIntosh

19 – Arlena Washington, Leanne McDonald

20 – Bobby T. Stewart

22 – Brooke-Noélle Royes

23 – Joss Barrett Royes

24 – Sharon Tieschmaker, Theresa R. Royes

27 – Carol Royes Sewell

Make sure you wish them happy birthday on their big day!
P.S. – If your February birthday is missing, click on the ‘comment’ button below and let us know!

Happy January birthdays!

by The Royes Family International

According to

January Birth Flower: Carnation or Snowdrop.

January Birth Stone: Garnet, Emerald and Rose Quartz.

January Birth Zodiac Signs: Capricorn (Jan 1-19) and Aquarius (Jan 20-31)

Compatible Birth Months: April, May, October, March and November.

Personality traits of January born people: 
January born people generally are wise, systematic and neat. They are ambitious people, who are loyal and rigid by nature. They love kids and are quite family-focused. These people are usually hardworking and sensitive. They are generally reserved and highly attentive in life, and they are soft and sober unless provoked. They are not too susceptible to diseases, but are cold-prone.

Here are the Royes birthdays in January: 

1 – Mervyn Johnson

4 – Lynette Royes-Smith, Jammie Royes, Mesiah Lazarus

5 – Bernice Wilson

7 – Sue Thaxter Simmons

8 – Andre Royes, Valerie Hamilton, Nia Warner Royes

10 – Radcliffe ‘Andy’ Morgan, Vivilyn Facey Royes

12 –  Adam Simmons, Jada Dixon

14 – Eric Royes

15 – Ayana Royes

16 – Shamika Trail

17 – Karen Robinson

18 – Danielle Royes

24 – David Royes

26 – Bryan Johnson

27 – Destiny Howard Royes

28 – Eva Colon

29 – Sonia Royes

30 – John-Ross Royes, Kenilja W Royes

31 – Nathaniel Hunter

Make sure you wish them happy birthday on their big day!
P.S. – If your January birthday is missing, click on the ‘comment’ button below and let us know!

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  • July 21, 2015

    Joseph Royes’ ( Father of Jodikay and Joseph Royes as well as the below) Birthday is June 11th
    Jade-ann Royes Had her birthday on May 23rd Jonah Royes has a Birthday September 29th and John-Ross Royes has a Birthday January 30
    Oh and my Birthday is August 22 😀

    Joseph Royes
    • July 21, 2015

      We’ve updated the birthday lists with Joseph, Jade-Ann, Jonah & John-Ross. I’m not sure who has the birthday on August 22 – can you get in touch again to let me know your name?

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